Natural Hair Services

$100+ Premium Silk Press – includes shampoo, intensive deep conditioning, natural treatment, blow dry, trim and style. 

$85+ Natural Hairstyle – from twist, to straw set, braids and many more using the client’s natural hair. No added hair included. *

Dreadlock Services

$85+ Dreadlock Services – includes shampoo, treatment, re-twist, style. More than 60 dreads $95. More than 100 dreads $110.

$150+ ACV Loc Treatment – includes apple cider vinegar formula to remove buildup, deep conditioning, treatment, re-twist, style.

$50+ Men Braid Styles – includes shampoo, treatment, and any natural braid style such as corn rows, twist and plats.*

Custom Protective Styles

$285+ Custom Yarn Individuals – this service title includes twist, goddess locs, and braids. Multiple colors available, using only yarn

This service is seasonal, therefore may not appear on service menu when requesting appointment.

Extension Install Services

$200 Closure Install –  sew in method includes braid treatment, knot bleaching, soft band, plucking, any cut and style.

$170 Traditional Install – sew in method includes braid and leave out treatment, any cut or style.

$250+ Crochet Extension Install – using %100 human hair crochet extensions. Crochet hair is provided.

Micro-Link Extensions – method where micro link beads are used to capture link extension piece close to the root creating a seamless & flawless look. Book consultation for more details.

Tape-In Extensions – method using adhesive tape extensions to create a seamless, full and fabulous look. Book consultation for more details.

Basic/Add on Services

Shampoo/CoWash – $35

Protective Style Take- Down – $45 per/hour

Natural Henna Dye- $50

KARSHÉ Custom Wigs

*Hair Not Included* First install included for KARSHÉ custom wigs only.

Partial Frontal Unit $300+ – includes knot bleaching, combs, band, plucking and style.

Closure Unit $275+ – includes knot bleaching, combs, band, plucking and style.

Handmade Closure Unit $250+ – includes combs, band, and style.

U-Part Unit $200+ – includes combs, clips and style.

*  * WIG MAINTENANCE * * -Please allow up to 72 hours for processing-

$85+ Full Wig Revival – includes shampoo, treatment, track reinforcement, and style.

$150+ Complete Wig Revival – includes shampoo, intensive moisturizing, treatment, track reinforcement, comb/band replacement, trim, and style.

$50 Closure Replacement – includes removal of damaged closure, new closure install (closure not provided) and knot bleaching.


$75+ Wig Install – includes treatment, braid and style.*



**Pricing subject to change**